Neepsend Lane / Parkwood Springs

Caution razor wire
24 hour cctv in operation
Hazardous waste
Trespassers will be prosecuted
Dead nature lies upon the ground

Broad Lane

Hum of engines fading
Dogs barking heard unseen
Grey clouds hang smoke upon sky
Boarded up overgrown forgot
Roads run through escape and trap


Cobweb spun on iron railings
Spider feeding upon fresh prey
Breeze blowing the web to life
Fly devoured gone in seconds
Spider retreats once more to shadow

Kelham Island

Derelict among modern shells to forget
Water ripples wind rustles leaves
Discarded plastic bag floating by
River has no memory only left behind
Past leaves scars paint can’t disguise

Parkwood Springs

Sunken paving stones
Cracked disjointed crushed in litter
Puddles of dirt steps overgrown
Bars of slowly decaying paintwork
Keep out warning signs

Go Kart Track

Train tracks blue skies
Litter rots fallen leaves
Engines hum the city waits
Flowers grow deserted road
Overgrown path childhood memory