Heavy plant, crossing
Board and boxes.  Virtual
Eye free alarms wastes.
Wastes, waits, walks circular hour
All day – light reset.  Rolling.


Secure, perfect, maris melt
Trail the riverside scratches.
Images are Being.
(Monitored) – this scheme removed,
Climbed since time began.  Golden.


Pale rider, maris melt,
Home of pale rider, living,
Transit, scissors sea.
Images are being controlled,
Protected green lane furnace.


Sockets, screws, FUCK YOU.
Cloister the rolling milestones,
Low furnace fouling.
Easy in, easy out.  Sites
Are dangerous razors.


SLUT.  OLD TART.  Moan like
A bitch fouling a golden
Crown.  Tools.  Jesus,
Alcohol, intoxicants,
An excavating call.


Images are stored
Remotely: trespassers of
Spirits.  Golden crown.
Past this point, then left again,
The circular riverside.


Jesus and spirits
Left, then left again, rescue
Crucible footprint.
Regret.  Thought accompanied
Excavating golden call.


Listen to Emma Bolland reading her poems on location here.